Coco bowl

Coco Bowl – Beautiful coconut shell bowls shipped from Poland #COCOBOWL 🌴

COCO Bowls for jour smoothies and oatmeal 🍍🥥

Coco Bowls – What is it?

A coconut bowl is a bowl made from the shell of a coconut or coconut wood. They are characterized by very irregular grain and pattern. The round coconut shell bowl is considered a Zero Waste product, as it uses part of the coconut palm – the coconut shell, which was usually thrown away. On the other hand, the coconut wooden bowl is a beautiful hand-carved product with beautiful grain. It is quite solid and can serve as a decorative item at any household.

Caring for a Coco Bowl

There are some imperatives we need to follow in order to have our bowl long lasting:

  • In order to clean the shell, choose a mild solvent, a soft sponge, and warm water. Don’t soak the bowl for too long in water, and definitely don’t put it in the dishwasher.
  • Coconut bowls cannot be heated in a microwave or any oven. Otherwise, the bowl will suffer permanent damage.
  • The bowls cannot be put in the freezer either, otherwise it will crack.
  • When serving hot food, it’s a good idea to get the bowl used to being in contact with heat. The bowl should be gradually prepared by soaking it with warmer water.
  • To preserve the shell, it’s a good idea to wipe the inside of the bowl with coconut oil from time to time.

It is not only property of our bowl, any coco bowl will crack if not treated carefully.

Coco Bowls – What to use it for?

Coconut bowls can be used to serve many types of food. The most popular option is oatmeal or other breakfast options. The bowl might be a great use for snacks to share it with your friends and family too.

Coco Bowl – How is it made?

Handmade, 100% natural and durable. Cut out and then polished by craftsmen from Indonesia. Our bowls are made entirely from the best, organic coconut shells. The nut shell is polished to a high shine. And the edge of the coconut has been smoothed in order to prevent it from cracking.

Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls are environmentally friendly and perfect for all your favorite foods: from salads and soups to cocktails or smoothies!

Eating from a coconut shell immediately puts you in an exotic vibe and makes your day a little sunnier. Especially if you take a picture for social media, because every dish looks better with in your coconut shell.

Millions of coconuts are harvested each year for water, oil and meat. The skins then disappear into the heap or are burned. It’s a pity, because the shells can be used as a bowl for eating.
By choosing a coconut shell, you reduce the amount of plastic waste and give it a great function.

Coconut shells are 100% naturally biodegradable and are produced without the use of chemicals. A fantastic alternative to plastic dishes, Mother Nature will love you for it!

Coco bowl as decoration.

It fits all styles of home decoration in a nice, ecological way, they invite a piece of nature to your home. An ideal choice for lovers of ecology and plant decorations.
It will work great in an interior with subdued colors as well as tropical applause like green.

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